Whalley District is a vision. It sees a walkable, connected neighbourhood of homes enjoying amenities from wired workspaces to favourite restaurant, all part of the larger Whalley neighbourhood that will grow and benefit from this exciting new place.


We don't just build homes. We build communities that you can live, work and play in.


In our pursuit of excellence, we challenge the entire team to build homes and communities that showcase our pride but more importantly our goal to deliver a product that we too would call home. Through each phase of our developments that begin with the land acquisition to build the homes to customer care when the home is bought, every member of our team will have indelibly left their mark of excellence.

As a fully integrated real estate development company, our talented team members oversee acquisition, planning, community engagement, design, construction, marketing, sales, and customer care of a broad spectrum of residential developments. But we don’t just stop there. We also support local community charities and host events because we genuinely care about the communities that we build in.

The housing crisis is the most serious issue.

Issue that is making every other challenge harder, particularly for low-income families. This critical effort holds great promise for finding local and regional solutions.


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Connected to every city!

Beautiful neighborhoods, extraordinary schools, great restaurants and a rich cultural history make our city an ideal place to call home.
minutes to Downtown Vancouver
minutes to surrey city centre
Average Costs of Home Ownership

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